Branding has become more important than ever online. With Google switching its focus away from exact match domains to brands, monitoring what people are saying about your business, who’s placing links back to your site, and just getting a good idea of how people view your brand online is imperative.TalkWalker screenshot

Sure, lots of you will fall back to the old favorite – Google Alerts, which is sometimes great, and sometimes not so much. Lots of people are unhappy because Google isn’t delivering the alerts that you sign up for.  I know that I have signed up for 8 of them and get an email maybe once a week with anything at all. The alerts I have set aren’t just for my brand. They’re for phrases like “guest posting guidelines” or “write for us” and you KNOW there has to be more than one message a week for those. Right? Nope.

Maybe there aren’t, but I’m guessing Google Alerts just isn’t doing the job.

I was reading an article today on SearchEngineLand’s the Day in Search Roundup and came across an article about TalkWalker, which is purported to do the same thing as Google Alerts, though it’s new and hasn’t really been raked over the coals in testing. It’s just an alternative.

Try it! See if it works better for you, and then, let me know, will you? I’m going to try it myself and see how that goes. We can compare notes.

Sign up is easy. Just go to the homepage, fill in your details and give TalkWalker your email. They’ll deliver the alerts right to your inbox. Worth a try, eh?

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