Only in the past five years have smart phones been available to the public. There wasn’t really a reason for having a mobile website for your business because nobody could get to your site on a mobile phone, anyway. Then, came the iPhone 1 with blazing fast 1G data transfer in 2007. It was a HUGE deal. smart phone for viewing mobile website

Now, we’re up to iPhone 5 with 4G data transfer, and every other mobile phone company has jumped on that bandwagon. Just every time you look around, somebody is checking their mail on a smart phone. Personally, I love my LG 4G LTE Lucid. I take it with me wherever I go and I’m never far from the Web. Since I make my living from the Internet, having a smart phone has been a godsend to me and everyone who works online.

Some brick and mortar businesses are way behind the times, though. They don’t see the need for a website at all, but what they don’t realize is that a website isn’t a luxury or something a brick & mortar businesses don’t need — it’s critical that they have one in 2012!

People need to be able to tap your business’ name into the search bar and find information about that business. If they don’t, the opposite of what used to be true is now reversed. If you DON’T have a website, people think you’re not a growing concern. You’re so very out of it.

For those of you who still think that way, I’m sorry for you. But for those of you who stepped up and got jiggy with the technology, good for you! But here’s a question to ask yourself:

Can my customers see my website on their smart phone?

If the answer is no, Houston, you’ve got a problem. If the answer is yes, but they have to double click their screen to see the whole site. You still have a problem. You need to have a mobile website with a mobile site domain, as in or

When someone pulls your site up on their smart phone, they want to be able to see it without the need to scroll back and forth and up and down. They want to see something that fits their phone right away without trying hard. Yep, that’s how we Internet babies are. We want everything instantly and conveniently ready for us to see.

How do you get a mobile website for your business?

Mobile websites built from scratch aren’t inexpensive, it’s true. To have a mobile website custom built, you’re looking at a price tag of over $500 just to start. However, there are a few options that are much more affordable.

These services will allow you to build a mobile site on their platform, using your own mobile domain, for under $50 a year for a three page site. For more pages, the annual price goes up from there. But the minimum price can work for just about any business.

Building mobile pages isn’t quite like building pages for your blog or your HTML site. You can use HTML, but tables for example are verboten! Even though the price tag for the mobile site on a site like I mentioned above isn’t killer, you may still need to hire a professional to build the site for you.

MagnaSites can help you to build a great-looking site with not just text, but video, images, your logo and more. And depending on the number of pages you want in your mobile site, the price won’t break the bank. Give us a try. Our happy customers know that we’re dependable, very knowledgeable and easy to work with. If you want your mobile site done well… be sure to give us a call. Or clink the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page for a no-cost. no obligation estimate. It’s time that you made it to the 21st Century!

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