Aren’t these the two biggest issues for search these days? I really believe that. It’s not so much what’s behind the page (though you do better to have all of that in order), but what you’re doing that’s prompting people to come to your page.  How are you making them know, like, and trust you? Work smarter, not hands

If content is King, then social media is Queen. Simple.

You can produce all of that on your own, but the hardest part is keeping people engaged. How do you make them stay on that page to read until the end? How do you get them to share what they’ve read? How in the world can you make all this happen with what you create?

Here are some tips for both. Hope you’ll find them useful:

The Perfect Content Storm for SEO

How Important Is Social Media Engagement in Overall SEO?

Yep… Both mine, but you could learn something or better yet, you might feel validation in your inklings that these two darlings are the current trend.

Do better, America!

The old Internet with ugly colors, horrible design and bad writing (including bad spelling and worse grammar) are O-V-E-R!  Make people laugh. Make them wonder. Make them learn. And guess what? They’ll love you forever.


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