I feel a hardy; “thank you” is in order regarding how much you’ve help me and my business over the last few months. The small things: returned phone calls, quick email responses, attention to the smallest of details…only begin to list your many attributes.

Oh, and did I forget to mention your comprehensive knowledge of all things SEO related?

Knowing that I have you to watch over and build our web presence has taken a load from my shoulders. It’s allowed me to concentrate on the details of my business, a good thing for sure.

Instead of wild claims and off the chart superlatives, you’ve given our team realistic, achievable goals that will ultimately solidify our position in the marketplace for years to come.

Thanks for your patience with me and your general willingness to go far above and beyond what you signed on to do.

If a recommendation about you and magnasites is ever needed, give ‘em my contact information.

All the best,

Robert Porter
Vvego International
205 919 4400 direct

Robert Porter

Founder, Vvego International, Inc.

“I have been working with Pat for over a year, and I’m extremely happy with the SEO that has been achieved for my website. She is an expert in her field and consistently ahead of the curve. Pat delivers what she promises and is always on time or early with her commitments.

“She has helped me learn how to maximize my business knowledge and exposure on the internet, and is always available to her clients.

“I am very grateful to have Pat on my team supporting the growth in my business!”

Sharon Ballantine

Parenting Coach and Life Coach, Ballantine Parenting Institute

“Quality of the work is very good. Very responsive which is much appreciated particularly in a working relationship that is entirely virtual.” Donna Hoffman

Interior Designer and Author, Donna Hoffman Interiors

“I have had Pat manage our SEO for two different businesses and she’s got more tricks up her sleeve than a Las Vegas stage magician, and the results she produced speak for themselves!

“Pat coached me that SEO is a Marathon and not a sprint and she puts in the work in a way that will ALWAYS work. She does not fall prey to the ‘SEO tactic of the week’ and never touches blackhat methods so you can rest assured that your Page 1 Rankings that Pat will get you will not mysteriously vanish from the Search Engines!”

Kyle Battis

Founder and Partner, NH Strategic Marketing

“I explained to him that our corporation has a full team devoted to such projects; however, my own little business has – me. I took his flyer home, studied it, and I ultimately called the company he was touting, Magnasites.

“Within days, the company established an email marketing platform for me, the mechanics of which I knew nothing, but I did know this was a step necessary in propelling my marketing efforts. The company’s gregarious founder, Pat Marcello gave me kid-glove treatment, sharing her many years of industry expertise and a multitude of free tips. She clued me in on ways to increase Twitter followers ten-fold; gave me numerous ideas about how to monetize my site, and provided other valuable insights… at no extra charge.

“At one point, I challenged her choice of email marketing platforms, appealing to her to switch to another one I had heard about, because, well, it was free. After reiterating her reasons for her choice, she said, “No problem, I’ll change it for you – no extra charge, of course.” After seeing the results of my ill-informed decision, I immediately realized she was right. I asked her to undo what I asked her to do! Again, “No problem.” And again, at no extra charge.

“Bottom line: Pat Marcello knows her stuff. My little bit of Internet marketing knowledge is a dangerous thing, while her vast experience is essential to the success of businesses, small or large.

“Thanks, Pat, for moving me off of square one. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!”

Lisa Codianne Fowler

Writer, Travel with Lisa Online

“Pat Marcello is one of the smartest people I know on Internet Marketing. She is always willing to help whenever and however she can. Pat usually always knows the answer, when someone asks. I have learned many SEO tricks and tips from her as well as lots of great information on Blogging.

” Of course it doesn’t stop there, I have learned other things too, like how to create squeeze pages to build list and many other things also. Thanks, Pat, for always being there and for help me and so many others.”

Edward Moore

Dewey Rose, GA

“I am thrilled to have Pat in my corner–if you get a chance to work with her, don’t pass it up! She is a busy, highly successful internet entrepreneur and working with her would be a boost to your business!” Laurie Tossy

Co-Owner, Paid to Empower

“Great working relationship plus efficiency and knowledge. Pat becomes a trusted friend when you work with her.” Robert H. Sholly

Speaker and Author, Robert H. Sholly

“Excellent, professional, creative and friendly/” Penelope Tzougros

Owner, Wealthy Choices

“MagnaSites has been doing a great job setting up my website and updating the changes. Very professional, efficient, creative, and easy to work with. Would definately recommend to others.” Leyla Ali

Pharmacist and Author, Dr. Leyla Ali

“If you’re looking to put up a website that reaches people, Pat is your person! I needed to create a website for a small consulting business with a book-launch tie-in, and Pat was recommended to me by a marketing consultant I trust. I hired Pat, and I could not have made a better choice.

“My needs for the website seemed complex to me–a blog, an email sign-up with free download, multiple downloadable documents, and a page to sell products from. It would have taken me MONTHS of trial, error, and frustration to create what Pat did for me within a few weeks. Pat made the process very easy–she let me know what she needed from me, and she did the rest.

“I’ve found her very responsive and super to work with. She’s taught me a lot about SEO, which you MUST understand to succeed on the web. After my first site was done, I hired Pat to do a second website for me for a spinoff product. Pat is just the kind of web developer I was looking for, and I’m so grateful to have found her! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Laura Brown, Ph. D.

Writer and writing coach

“Val, a friend in my marketing class, recommended Pat Marcello to do a sales page on WordPress for me. I trust Val’s judgement, but when I found out she was in Florida and I in Chicago, I thought, “NO Way!” I have heard horror stories about getting ripped off by businesses from out of state.

“But things happened and I needed the work done right away so I called Pat. What a life saver! She is so professional and she worked with me to get it done on my timeline. I just told her what I needed and she did it. She did not call me with a million detail questions like other webmasters that live locally did.

“I’m delighted with her work and will hire her for my next 3 websites. Thanks Pat for a great job! It was money well spent since the first thing my clients see is the landing page.”

Debbie Tideman

Owner, Jetex Publishing

“We found Pat Marcello and her team to be very proactive in helping us develop our web site. Pat’s knowledge of web site optimization and the internet in general helped us develop a complete web presence in just a few weeks. We at Star Services Corporation highly recommend Pat’s services.”

Matt Plocki

Co-Owner, Pitt Services Corp. (formerly Star Services Corporation)

“When I was 18, I was the world’s greatest authority. When I graduated from medical school I was convinced of it. So I got on the Internet thinking I would wow the world.<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-353″ style=”margin: 15px;” title=”dra” src=”” alt=”Dr. Constance Alfano-Weigand” width=”80″ height=”80″ /></a>

“Surprise, surprise, nobody cared. I spent a fortune trying to figure it out with a stream of clever marketers who greedily took my money.

“I don’t remember how I found Pat, but she changed my Internet life. She made it very clear that instant wealth simply does not happen. That, like Medicine, there is a system with rules that must be learned regardless of your education or previous experience.

“Her track record is clear evidence of a very talented Internet expert. She is the woman behind some very successful men.
She is available bi-monthly for your questions, always giving new current tips.

“What separates Pat from the so-called gurus is that she has maintained her impeccable honesty, her integrity and her genuine willingness to help.

“If you want the Internet as your next career, join her webinars and do what I did. Hire her as your Consultant.

“If I tell you nothing happens. When Pat says it, it works!”

Constance Alfano-Weigand


“Just wanted to take a minute to let you know I really get alot of good stuff from your webinars and I appreciate all you time and effort that you put into it.

“You’re so giving of your time and energy to help others.”

Thanks Millions,

Dale Stefancic

Dale Stefancic