From the Start Training

Vonda Scipio is a parenting coach, and refers to her work as, “a mentoring bridge between parents, children, and teachers so that – on all sides – both parents and teachers can do what they’re here to do: help each other to develop wonderful children!”

Just 2 Choices

Rico Racosky is a renowed specialist on the topic of choice and how it relates to our daily and overall lives. Learn more about Rico and his book, Just 2 Choices, at

Dr. Leyla Ali

Dr. Leyla Ali

Dr. Leyla Ali is a pharmacist that doesn’t believe in pills. Learn more about having a healthier, happier lifestyle when not chained to the pharmacy and about her book, Off Balance, the American Way of Health at

Rick Patterson Connects

Rick Patterson is the author of Shame Unmasked, Disarming the Hidden Driver Behind Our Destructive Decisions! He helps others to see what in their past is holding back their present and future. See Rick’s site at

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids

Teresa Ann Power is the Queen of yoga, and especially as it relates to children. See her book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids, and learn more about her work and other products at is owned and operated by Robert Porter, who is dedicated to creating fine products for men. This is a 100% custom site built on WordPress on the Agency theme, running WooCommerce. To see more about Vvego’s quality men’s products, visit

Finding the Gift

Finding the Gift

Angela Howell is a person who knows how to find the beauty in life. Her book, Finding the Gift, teaches us how to recognize beauty and peace in our lives with daily meditations. Learn more about Angela and her book at

Teresa Power, author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids, connects with an International audience through her ambitious project, Kids’ Yoga Day. Learn more about and sign up for Kids Yoga Day 2017 at

Heart to Heart Letters

Cherie Turlington is an incurable romatic, as so many women are. Yet, mean often forget the romance. In hter book, Send Me Some Love in the Mailbox, Cherie teaches men how to please the women in their lives with a little written romance. For more about Cherie and her book, visit