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Pat Marcello

Pat Marcello, President/SEO Manager

Dear Friend,

My name is Pat Marcello. Ten years ago, I was probably where you are now. I had a product to promote, but had NO idea how to do it. I didn’t have a website, didn’t know HTML or any other computer language, and SEO was a term that boggled my mind. In other words, I was a complete newbie, who needed to learn how to market what I had to sell online.

Does that sound like you?


Maybe you’ve been online a while, but aren’t having a lot of success with making money. Could it be that you’re just not doing things the right way?

It’s possible.

Even after I had some marketing chops under my belt, I still needed technical skills and skills of persuasion and to make things happen, and once I conquered those hurdles, I still needed traffic – lots of it – lots of targeted traffic, and I was becoming discouraged.

I had no support at all. I felt lost and still stymied about what to do next.

I’m guessing you can relate: When I spoke about what I was doing to my friends or family, they’d look at me like I was crazy! My own husband said to me one day, “You’ll never make a dime online. Stop wasting your time!”


Thems fightin’ words!

That just made me more determined to have the last laugh.

And so, I did.

I spent two years learning the basic skills. I learned HTML. I learned how to link an affiliate banner. I learned how to write copy and I learned how to get some traffic – the WRONG kind of traffic, mind you, but I got traffic.

Then, I met someone…

Though I had learned quite a bit, I still wasn’t getting ANYWHERE. I still hadn’t made more than a few bucks online, and though I felt that I knew what to do, I was still struggling. I needed a mentor.

So, I bought one.

I joined a well-known marketer’s coaching program for $500 a month! No, I couldn’t afford it, but I knew that I had to do something radical. So, I got a credit card out (that I’d just paid off) and took a leap of faith.

After the second session I had with this man, he asked me to come to work for him and write content. (I’m a writer by profession. My products were the books I’d had published, you see.)

Two years later, I managed the biggest part of his company, and when I left him at the end of 5 years, I was his product development manager.

What I learned over those five years was more than can be written about in a single letter. What I learned was that online marketing isn’t a skill; it’s an art with lots of specialties. Some people are good at marketing theory, some are good at getting traffic, and some are good at building relationships, but it’s really difficult to find a person that is good at everything.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m that person. I pulled myself up from the trenches and made a business of my own.

I know a good specialist when I see one!

All of the education I’ve had over the past ten years has led me to a place where I can spot talent. Not only that, but I know that the people I choose to work with my company are dependable and able to meet deadlines. They’re honest, hard-working, and all-round good people.

So, last year, I saw that the vibe was changing in the online marketing world.  No longer were people buying products to help them to learn what I already knew. They didn’t want to learn – they wanted the work DONE FOR THEM.

Busy people have little time to spend learning all that took me 10 years to learn. They need to make money, and they want that to happen quickly. Sure, some folks will take the time to learn it all because they don’t have the money,  like me, but some people already HAVE the money and just want to work with someone they can trust. They want their sites built, they want the copy written by professionals, and they want traffic. Plus, they’re willing to pay for it to make it happen right away.

That’s where MagnaSites comes in…

As mentioned above, I know good people when I see them, and I have been able to assemble the best crew you can imagine for myriad tasks that online marketers need to accomplish in their businesses every day.

Meet my crew:

  • Our content creators have years of experience in writing for the Web. They are native English-speakers, and they know how to write a cogent articles, special reports, or ebooks, with proper grammar, punctuation, and flow. And they know how to use specially chosen keywords to make the work completely SEO-friendly.
  •  Our copywriter has had great success writing for one of the most famous Internet gurus. He knows how to write letters, emails, and other sales materials that sell.
  • Our developers know more than your basic HTML. They know Flash, javascript, Ruby, and other advanced languages, and have created sites that are simple and sites that are very complex, with ease and on time.
  • Our social media managers have experience in working with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social platforms. They have managed accounts for some of the biggest companies on the Internet.
  • Our video person is well-versed in creating engaging videos that will be shared and include links to your site bringing traffic from all corners of the Web, including the search engines.
  • Our SEO team is under my personal control. We have helped some of the biggest sites on the Web to dominate for keywords in their niche, bringing them those hordes of unique visitors we talked about earlier and BIG money. It’s also been proven that SEO traffic converts not just better, but at a higher dollar per click.

My entire team, and all that they do, is monitored by me to assure the highest quality and the best results. I stand behind everything my company does. I want happy customers that will recommend us to their friends, and maintain a wonderful working relationship for years to come.

So, don’t waste time trying to be an expert in all things Internet marketing! You don’t have to learn SEO, video creation, copywriting, social media, or any of the fields above. In fact, you can study each of these fields for YEARS and still not be an expert in any of them.

My team IS a team of experts.

Let us help your business succeed online.

Here’s what some of our happy customers are saying:

Sharon Ballantine“I have been working with Pat for over a year, and I’m extremely happy with the SEO that has been achieved for my website. She is an expert in her field and consistently ahead of the curve. Pat delivers what she promises and is always on time or early with her commitments.

“She has helped me learn how to maximize my business knowledge and exposure on the internet, and is always available to her clients.

“I am very grateful to have Pat on my team supporting the growth in my business!   (Click to Read More)

Robert Porter,“”I feel a hardy; ‘thank you’ is in order regarding how much you’ve help me and my business over the last almost two years. The small things: returned phone calls, quick email responses, attention to the smallest of details…only begin to list your many attributes.

“Knowing that I have you to watch over and build our web presence has taken a load from my shoulders. It’s allowed me to concentrate on the details of my business, a good thing for sure.”  (Click to Read More)

LB cropped retouched“If you’re looking to put up a website that reaches people, Pat is your person! I needed to create a website for a small consulting business with a book-launch tie-in, and Pat was recommended to me by a marketing consultant I trust. I hired Pat, and I could not have made a better choice.

“My needs for the website seemed complex to me–a blog, an email sign-up with free download, multiple downloadable documents, and a page to sell products from. It would have taken me MONTHS of trial, error, and frustration to create what Pat did for me within a few weeks. Pat made the process very easy–she let me know what she needed from me, and she did the rest.”  (Click to read more)

Kyle Battis, President, NH Strategic Marketing“I have had Pat manage our SEO for two different businesses and she’s got more tricks up her sleeve than a Las Vegas stage magician, and the results she produced speak for themselves!

“Pat coached me that SEO is a Marathon and not a sprint and she puts in the work in a way that will ALWAYS work. She does not fall prey to the ‘SEO tactic of the week’ and never touches blackhat methods so you can rest assured that your Page 1 Rankings that Pat will get you will not mysteriously vanish from the Search Engines!”   (Click to read more)



The first step is to contact us for a free consultation… I will caution you that our services are not cheap, but they are not exorbitant – they’re fair. So, if you’re one of those folks who wants it all now, but doesn’t have the time to learn everything you need to know…  Let us take over while you work on your marketing strategy and making your business one to reckon with online.

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More from our happy customers…

"...I needed the work done right away so I called Pat. What a life saver! She is so professional and she worked with me to get it done on my timeline. I just told her what I needed and she did it. She did not call me with a million detail questions like other webmasters that live locally did.

"I'm delighted with her work and will hire her for my next 3 websites. Thanks Pat for a great job!" (Click here for more) - Debbie Tideman
Jetex Publishing


"We at Star Services Corporation highly recommend Pat’s services." (Click here for more)

-Matt Plocki
Co-Owner Star Services Corporation
Taretum, Pa.


"Bottom line: Pat Marcello knows her stuff. My little bit of Internet marketing knowledge is a dangerous thing, while her vast experience is essential to the success of businesses, small or large.

"Thanks, Pat, for moving me off of square one. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!"(Click here for more)

Lisa Codianne Fowler


"When Pat says it, it works!”(Click here for more)

Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD, CCN, ND Medical consultant for Nutritional Medicine


"You're so giving of your time and energy to help others."(Click here for more)

Thanks Millions,
Dale Stefancic


"Pat Marcello is one of the smartest people I know on Internet Marketing. She is always willing to help whenever and however she can. Pat usually always knows the answer, when someone asks. I have learned many SEO tricks and tips from her as well as lots of great information on Blogging." (Click here for more)

-- Edward Moore, Dewey Rose, GA.


"I am thrilled to have Pat in my corner--if you get a chance to work with her, don't pass it up! She is a busy, highly successful internet entrepreneur and working with her would be a boost to your business!"

Laurie Tossy
Baby Steps to Making Money Online
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