I had a lot of positive feedback on the post I did about free SEO tools a while back, so I thought I’d give you a few more to consider. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of them, though they’re probably accurate enough. I just can’t guarantee them. However, they will help you to find things you want to know and all for free.

Here are the sites I tested today:

Small SEO Tools

This site is really interesting, as there are so many free tools to choose from. I particularly like the plagiarism checker. I work with several content writers and before I really get to know them well and trust them, I run things through a duplicate content check. If you have writers writing for you, this should be something you do, too. Nobody wants re-hashed PLR articles, especially when they’re paying to get them.

Another fine tool is the keyword position checker. It will help you to check up to the first 10 pages at Google, Yahoo, and Bing for whatever keywords you choose. It takes awhile to report, but I can see its usefulness.

This site also has a backlink checker, a Google page rank checker, and even a reverse IP tool. Pretty sweet… all free.

seo book free seo tools

I have loved this site for years. It has some of the kickin’ -est free SEO tools around. The keyword suggestion  tool is the best, and it really pulls in almost everything you can think of but the kitchen sink.  From WordTracker to Quintura to tons of links that lead to myriad clues at the bottom of the results page, it’s really bomb. Not for beginners, unless they’re adventurous, but this tool is definitely Top 5.

You can also get a meta tag generator, keyword density analyzer, spider test tool, and more. You get a LOT for free at SEOBook, but there’s a premium version, where you get stuff like competitive research tools and such, too. it’s totally awesome

Plus, the blog is great for keeping up-to-date on search trends. I read it regularly.

Xenu: free seo toolThis is a great free SEO tool in that it goes through any site and checks for broken links, spider traps (endless loops) and gives you a spreadsheet with all of the problems listed. If you have a big site, Xenu takes a long time to run, but it can be sooo worth it.

Google really doesn’t like it when your site has too many 404s (as in broken links). Checking regularly to assure that all your links are live and well is a pretty good idea.

Plus, spider traps are really bad. They can really make your SEO life hell, if you don’t know about them and fix them. I run Xenu periodically to be sure that everything inside the site is ship shape.

That’s enough for one day. All of these free tools are really bomb and the first two have great things inside for you to check out. It will take you a good long while. So, I’ll be back with more sites and free SEO tools, but I encourage you to try all of these today.

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