Every now and then, I do a composite of all the interesting things going on in the online business world. I hope you find these interesting:newspapers

  • Facebook has lifted some of the regulations about page cover images, which is good. You can now include information such as “40% off,” for example, but you still can’t have more than 20% text in the image. Read more here.
  • A new version of Firefox, due to come out in August, will automatically block 3rd-party cookies. This isn’t great news for affiliates, as 3rd party cookies are used to track sales to each individual, but only sometimes. If you’re using a reliable affiliate solution, the cookie isn’t set until after the customer clicks on the link to buy, thereby making it a 1st party cookie.  To assure that you get credit for your sales, you should check with the merchant to find out how cookies are set. This won’t be a problem for Internet Explorer or Chrome, which automatically allow third-party cookies, but that could change. Find out now so that you’ll be covered.
  • If you’re a Google AdWords user, you’ll no longer be allowed to include your telephone number in the text ad, starting in April. Instead, you will have to use their call extensions, which appears as a button in your listing. And here’s the bad news, when someone clicks on the “Call” image, you’ll pay for the click. Here’s more.
  • Need a crash course in Google Hangouts? Website Magazine has one for you here
  • I have been writing for SEMRush for a couple of months now. If you want to learn more about Testing and Keeping Search Engines Happyyou’ll find it here.

I could go on for days, but this stuff should keep you busy for a while. Have a great weekend!

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