If you have an offline store to go along with your online presence, you may want to know about a new mobile phone app called Jifiti. Not only will this app benefit retailers, but also people who are gift-challenged like I am. Everyone I care about lives someplace else, so I became an early adapter of shopping online. Yet more and more people are coming into the smartphone and tablet age. It’s time you got with the program!mobile phone

Here’s how Jifiti works:

  1. Find the perfect item you’d like to send to someone as a gift.
  2. Scan the barcode for the item and pay for it using the Jifiti app.
  3. The notice that a gift is waiting is sent to the friend/relative’s smart phone with directions for downloading the Jifiti app.
  4. They go to the nearest store to pick the item up. They can change the size, color, whatever right there, too.

Sure, you’re putting your receiver out. They have to actually go and pick up the gift, which might turn some people off. But really, who doesn’t like getting a gift. I’d advise, however, that you make sure the retailer you’re shopping in has a store in the area where your receiver lives. I mean who doesn’t have Old Navy or Target or Nordstrom’s, right? It might get a little tougher if you choose Beall’s, which is a Florida store.

Jifity gets much easier when the giver and the receiver live in the same area. Then, you can probably use Jifity in one-off stores, too. Think about that. Pretty cool. So, even if you only have an online presence, but you have products in stores in your locale, this could also be pretty amazing for you.

But believe it or not, that’s not why I’m writing this post. My reasoning behind it is so that you’ll understand how mobile is infiltrating everyone’s life. If you have a website, but it’s not mobile friendly, you’re lagging behind. People have now come to accept the fact that shopping online is easier, saves gas, and can be fun to do. But now, they’re coming into the mobile age. They want to be able to shop with their smartphones and tablets.

If you’re interested in having your site coming into the 21st century, and going mobile, let us know. We can do it for you. Or, if you still don’t have a website for your brick & mortar business, WHAT are you waiting for? We can help with that, too.

If you don’t keep up with the trends of digital and mobile shopping, you’re going to lose. Just sayin’.


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