Earlier this week, the search world got together for SMSX West in San Jose, California. At that gathering, there was some indication of what Google intends to update with Panda and Penguin shortly. In fact, Matt Cutts told an audience that there would be a new version of Panda launching either today or on Monday, March 18. If you see changes in your Web traffic, that could be the issue.panda and baby They are targeting big link companies, so if you’re buying or selling links, you will undoubtedly have problems or have had them already. These are BIG Google issues.

But another aspect of the Penguin algorithm filter update, which is to be deployed in the near future, will be to weed out “low quality” businesses.

This is rather scary. What is a “low quality” business in Google’s eyes?

We won’t actually know until the Penguin update is run, but I would consider a “low quality” business to be one that is spammy in nature, such as many of the wild Internet marketing claims sites, one page sales letters, or just businesses whose websites are a train wreck.

This could apply to you, Mr. or Ms. business owner, so beware.

Remember, Google is working toward what they see as “cleaning up the Web.” They want only professionally delivered and prepared content. They want your website to have certain information, such as privacy policy, disclaimers, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and an About Us section that really talks about what your business does and how it evolved over time.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the new Penguin Update is run, but if you feel you may have a low-quality site and don’t want to lose your search traffic, it’s time for an update! Let us give you a free consultation and help you to build the site you need to succeed in search and to attract the clients or customers you want to have.

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