It used to be that webmasters could actually go to a link broker and buy some backlinks with high authority. Now, Google not only frowns on that practice, but they’ll kick your search kiester for participating in a “scheme to manipulate search results.” Google hates link wheels and blog wheels and well… Trust Me I'm a Doctor Button

Guest posting, which was to save us all, is only so-so. Oh, yeah… And guess what else? The links from passing around all those carefully constructed infographics may all be moot and a total waste of time, too.

Every webmaster on the Internet is struggling to find ways to get those “natural” links back to his or her website.

I just read an article on Search Engine Journal by Adam Grunwerg, who really demonstrated how natural links happen. In his article, “White Hat 2013: Types of Authority White Hat Links I Received Last Week…,: Grunwerg shows you how he did it. Some of the ways were:

  • Being listed as a resource of information for his niche in someone else’s article.
  • Wikipedia
  • Participated in a live debate
  • In a re-written article (as I’ve done here)
  • Gave permission for an article he wrote to be republished in a business blog
  • Officiated at an Awards ceremony
  • An interview

He’s very active — online and off, and all of it is helping to build his personal authority, plus gathering backlinks for his website.  You cannot buy this stuff!

Be active in your niche

You can be part of the scene. You can attend niche functions — clubs, luncheons and other gatherings. You can certainly add a link to Wikipedia, IF you have a site that would be considered an authority for that particular article.

But I think Grunwerg’s article is more about really becoming an authority in your niche. You have to not just walk the walk, but you have to talk the talk, too. Becoming an authority really does take years of preparation.

If you have no authority in the business you want to start, remember that you’ll need that intense study and practice to first become an authority, so be sure it’s something you love and want to learn more about. Then, start writing about what you know as you learn. Remember, there’s always someone starting out from scratch, so you know more than that guy and all the people that come along behind him. And the more you write about your niche on the Web, the more you’ll be sought out for your expertise.

Just remember that Web content needs to be more professional than ever before. If you don’t spell properly, use proper grammar, and do an overall fine job of creating the content, it won’t help you one little bit. So, be a pro. If you aren’t up creating content or if you just don’t have the time to worry over it, that’s what MagnaSites is for. We can help you to become a bigger part of the Web, and when we do, that end results of ALL of this is, what?

More of that free, targeted, organic traffic, which is what all of this is about in the first place, of course!

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