You think that you don’t need to interact with your potential and current clients? Well, you do, and what better way to do it than by using the Internet? That’s what Domino’s Pizza is planning to do. Here’s a statement from a July 25 post:pizza

“…more and more stores are embracing social media on a local level too – enabling a closer relationship with their customers. Using Facebook and Twitter as well as posters in store to promote Foursquare and Facebook Deals offers, the stores provide valuable collateral to support national activity.”

Domino”s is a huge company that “gets” it. A move to the Internet is crucial for your offline success these days. If people Google your business brand name and can’t find you on the Web, well… Guess what? They don’t like that. They want to not only find your store, but be able to place orders online, to get special deals and offers online, and to find your store, period.

You may not be as big a business as Domino’s but it’s time that you created an online presence, including having a website, a blog, and a social media presence. You can’t ignore the Web anymore or your customers may just decide to ignore you.

Let us help.

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