For the past several months, since “Penguin” came out in May 2012, Google has been sending “unnatural link” messages to their Google Webmaster Tools account holders, telling them that some dubious links were coming into their sites.Webmaster Tools Inbox

Some of the links may have been purchased links. The everyday business person, who is just bringing their businesses online may not be aware that this is the virtual Google “Kiss of Death.”  And so, they bought some because they thought it was a great idea and would get a gazillion links back to their websites overnight.

Bad Idea.

If you have ever purchased links, and you’re still paying for them? Get rid of them now!

Google hatses big, fat schemers…

Or, perhaps you were involved in a “link wheel” type system that was designed to keep Google in the dark about where the links were coming from so that it looked like they came from third party sites…

Again, bad idea.

Blog networks and any other type of linking schemes are O-U-T. Of course, you may not have known it because some of the people who run these services know that sooner or later, you’ll be toast, but they want your money now.

Others weren’t trying to be nefarious to you, only Google. They just thought they’d never get caught.

But they did.

And if you were part of any of these naughty parties, those are probably the links Google is telling you about. If you don’t try to correct them, well… you may have no place in search.

Google has started adding a link or two in example. Here’s what Google’s Matt Cutts says about this:

So, they will give you a hint from here out.

But if you get a message from Google about questionable links, but don’t know where to start in figuring things out…

Call us. The number is on the side. There are ways to get rid of the bad stuff, and we can help you to make that happen.

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