I just ran into a chart from Burke and Local Search Association that’s pretty telling:

burke-local search association studyDo you have listings in online places?

For example, do you have a yellow pages listing for your local business? How about Yahoo? And do you have a Twitter account and a Facebook page for your business that’s active and engaging? Those things are important if you want to get customers in your front door from the Internet. Otherwise, they’re going to your competitor who does have those listings and a ton of stuff going on all over the Web.

You’ll  also notice that search is the number two way that people will find you. Do you have an SEO working this out for you? You should be considering your search presence, for sure! That’s organic traffic you’re missing out on, which is free and targeted. There’s nothing better.

And are you building a list and communicating with your customers on a regular basis, even once a week?  Are you sending them information about sales and special offers? And are you giving them information about new products or just the niche you’re in?

We can do these things for you, and we can show you how to sell products from other people and make even more money than you can make just selling them on your own.

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