Even if you’re not a tech-head like I tend to be, you may know what SEO (search engine optimization) is, but not how it works. ¬†There are many ways to go about making someone’s site worthy of search traffic, but they all come down to three elements — Visibility, Significance and Authority. visibility text

So, let’s take these one by one to explain what that means:


Since we talk about SEO in terms of pages and not entire websites, let’s ask this question: Is your site visible?

It’s not going to get that way, just because it’s online. There are like 15 trillion+ pages on the Internet, and unless you’re promoting your stuff, you have no visibility. Every page that you want people to find online has to have some gravitas — we’ll get into that in a minute, but they also have to be promoted.

Pages that are important to your purpose should be shared on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. And you need to build a following of people interested in what you’re offering. That means Facebook Page, Google Plus page, etc. And you need to tend these accounts, or have someone else doing it. Post, like, share, +1 and be the life of the party. People love humor, so throw some of that in, too.

You should also be sending email to your list, telling them about your cool page. If it’s good, people will love that you’re providing amazing information for them. Never be afraid to mail, especially if your message has no marketing involved. ¬†Your list will love you for that.


Your pages have to be significant to your niche. You need to be solving problems for people, keeping them abreast of changes and news in your industry, and giving them something important to think about.

The significance to your page also has to be directed at your perfect audience. While I write here for online business owners, who may not be as techy as I tend to be, but in the SEO News Blog, I write more for people who are seasoned to understand what SEO is all about.

If you write a dog training article for your blog on gardening, that post will have zero significance for the brand or the blog that you’re writing in. Keep things relevant to your topic.


How well do you know your topic? If you’re new online, you probably won’t be taken seriously, until you build a body of work. But let’s face it, if you’re a well-published author offline, you’ll probably have online clout pretty quickly,.

Had I stuck to writing, I’d probably have had authority in that field fairly fast. I was a writing instructor for five years and I have 10 books published, mainly biographies. I could have kept writing about writing and had clout there pretty fast.

But no… I had to go messing around with SEO and online marketing. I couldn’t help it. I just find it so fascinating that it became my true passion and I still get to write about it. How cool is that? But it took a long time for me to build authority in that niche, and believe me, I’m still building. You know how they say, “Always Be Closing?” Well… Always be building your reputation online and remember that everything you do is under the microscope.

If you’re creating pages about something you have never done before, it will take some time to be recognized.

So, that’s what Magnasites helps business owners with — gaining greater visibility, significance (because more people are visiting their sites), and authority in their field, which can be established in many ways.

But it takes time. The first thing I tell a client is that if he/she expects immediate results from SEO to hang up the phone right then. It’s not an overnight solution.

We tend sites. We create that visibility and the authority follows. If you’d like a free consultation, just go to our “Contact Us” page above. We’ll let you know where you stand and what we can do for you.


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