Groupon will soon have nothing on Google. They’re unrolling a new service called “Google Offers,” that basically works the same way. Local businesses will be able to add their coupons and special offers to the site for their local offers

But you can’t use it yet, unfortunately. Google has only rolled it out to Portland, OR; New York; and San Francisco so far, but if those cities prove to like the site, you’ll see more and more vicinities popping online.

For example, today you can get three games of multi-level taser tag for only $10. Such a deal! 🙂

Interested business owners can go here: to get started. If enough Tampa Bay businesses show interest… Who knows? Our area could be next.

What’s the benefit?

Visitors… People coming into your stores even when we’re NOT in season. Discounts, coupons, and other price incentives for visiting your store instead of Joe Blow’s down the street could mean better off-season revenue for you, and when folks are here? Think of the possibilities!

If you’re not optimized for local or mobile search, you need to contact us now!

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