When thinking about search, in general, the first search engine that comes to the tip of anyone’s tongue is Google. That engine has even taken on a new vocabulary, and everyone — regardless of nationality — knows what it means to “Google” a topic.pinterest

For local businesses, Google Local Search is also always a big factor. But were you aware that there are five other search engines you should be considering if you have a local business offline?

There are. Of course, best SEO practices will help you with all of them, but you’ll also need to build a reputation to establish yourself in these arenas. Here they are:

  • Facebook Search

Facebook isn’t really a search engine, per se, but Facebook does have a search feature. If you’re not building a presence on Facebook already and have a page there, where you communicate with your potential customers on a regular basis, you’re missing out. You should be establishing your brand there and using some personality to bond with the people in your community. Get people to “Like” your page so that you can communicate with them on their mobile devices, for sure. You should also be sure to employ “Open Graph Markup” in the HTML of your website and be sure to complete your profile and use an identifiable avatar for your Facebook page.

  • Twitter Search

This site is a search engine, and it is exclusive to Twitter people, pages and tweets. Again, Twitter is a site you can’t afford to ignore. You should be tweeting special deals, information about your business or your niche, and just getting people interested in your business. Also be sure to enable “Tweet Location” so that your whereabouts is evident in your profile page.

  • LinkedIn Company Search

This works especially well for B2B business. Make sure that you create a page there for your business, and make your profile as complete as possible. Adding your company logo is especially important here.

  • Foursquare Search

Be sure to add photos and tips about your business here, and to make your business profile as complete as possible. you can also use “Foursquare Check-In Specials” to get more people to check in from your locale. Social proof is important and the more check-ins you have from your business, the more business you’ll have.

  • Pinterest Search

Pinterest is hot, hot, HOT these days, and if you’re not using Pinterest for your business, don’t miss out.  Just remember that Pinterest is primarily image-driven. So, if you’re a restaurant, for example, images of the meals you serve would lend themselves nicely to the platform. But don’t only pin things about your business. Remember, too, that Pinterest is highly interactive and so adding things that people in your local are

a can relate to and enjoy are part of being alive in that community.

You thought I was going to say, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL, huh? Well, they’re fine, but for local business, the more interactive you can be with your potential clients and customers, the better. If you have NO social presence, your competition is eating your lunch. Let our social media experts bring your business to the people!

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