Do you own an offline business? Have you only recently come online? Is your website getting traffic? Or is has your business been online awhile? Are you getting customers from your website, or is it just kind of sitting there, taking up Web space?

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If you’re getting traffic, are you paying substantial sums for pay-per-click, newspapers and other media offline and online, or even via advertising on cable TV?

All of these are viable and important methods for getting people to your website and in your front door.

But did you know there’s a better way and that the traffic you get from it is free?

Three things are important when deciding how to market your offline business:

  1. Your potential customers’ main problem.
  2. The solution to their problem.
  3. Your target market.


Well, online, there’s a 4th consideration and it’s: How will I get traffic to my site and how much will it cost?

One thing that offline business owners don’t think about (and should, even before their site is built) is how will the search engines find me? I mean, with more than 8 billion pages on the Web, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come, and just because you sign up for Google Places doesn’t guarantee a stream of paying customers, either. Becoming a remarkable entity online is much more complicated than that.

Search engine optimization is the practice of finding the best path to free, or what we call “organic” traffic, for our website.

Want to know what the MOST important aspect of that practice is?

Finding the right keywords to get your business those choice positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing (the big three), and other search engines around the Web. Finding those perfect keywords is about 80% of the battle.

For example, generic keywords, like “pizza restaurant” or “law firm” would be the worst keywords you could choose! Why? Because they’re just so common, the first words that roll out of the brain, that millions or even billions of sites might be using, too. The competition for those keywords is just so stiff that no matter how hard you try, especially if you’re new online, your business will NEVER rank for those terms. Ever. So, don’t even try.

Experience makes all the difference

You need a professional, experienced SEO (search engine optimization specialist) to dig in and do some solid keyword research for you, to come up with the perfect terms where the competition is low and the number of people searching for those terms is high. Plus, you need that SEO to assess your competition and figure out a plan to beat the “other guy” in search.

We can do that for you here at Our team of experienced search engine optimization experts will find only the best keywords for your business. We’ll show you how to optimize each page of your site for search, and we’ll come up with a plan to make your site relevant,unique, and constantly updating — three important aspects of your site that Google will love.

Drop us a line for your free SEO consultation and allow us to give you a competitive bid for your site!  Learn how we can help your business to take advantage of free, organic traffic that only search engines can provide.


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