I have consulted with tons of newbies over the years, and the biggest reason for their failure to thrive is not doing their homework first. 5 Steps to a Solid SEO Foundation by Pat Marcello on SEMRush Blog

In one case in point, a guy wanted to sell T-shirts, which has been a successful way for artists to make some side money lately. Or, for savvy business people to really cash in. But I could tell from the first sentence that this person wasn’t going to make any money. Why? Because he hadn’t done his homework.

He wanted to create what he wanted to draw, as an artist. That’s all well and good, IF what you’re drawing is going to meet with popular demand. He hadn’t been to any online T-Shirt stores to see what was selling, and because he’s a virtual newbie online, had no idea that he needed to check a few things first.

And he thought that because his stuff was good, he’d start a new movement. Ladies and gents, that just doesn’t happen. If you want to make money online or in business, you need to know that people are waiting to buy what you want to sell. It can be unique in some regard, but it has to be Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow.”

Want to know the 5 steps you need to take to build a solid SEO foundation for your business and whether or not your business will succeed? Read my article: “5 Steps to a Solid SEO Foundation” at SEMRush. I think if you start out the right way, you can’t fail.

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