I spend some time every day, watching the Internet. Not only is it my business to do that, but the morphing and re-invention of so many sites, services, connection speeds, etc. is fascinating.  The Internet looks very different from the way it looked even five years ago.

Is Google wiping Mom & Pop off the map?

Who thought social media would play such an important role in search?

Me. I knew it way back when the social sites just started to be popular, like 2008. Over at my SEONewsBlog, I warned people that one day people, not algorithms would be most influential in search. But I saw it as the social sites taking over. That’s not how it went down, but Google and the other search engines have made social signals part of their algorithms, and they’re making actions and interactions more important all the time.

Find out more about this, and what you can do to assure your continued place in search over at SEMRush, where my latest blog post is displayed:

Does Hummingbird Mean More Entity-Based Search?

It has been my feeling for some time now that Google is up to something, and that something is getting rid of the little guy. Why? Because a) they want to include sites that have HIGH popularity. We’re talking Amazon, Coca-Cola, Starbucks… like that. Not people like you & me who have struggled to create small businesses online.

But that’s their business. It’s not great for us, but it’s good for them. They’re serving results that people actually want instead of some spammer’s site being in the 1-10 positions for keywords because of some blackhat bull pucky.

Can’t blame them, right?  Some SEOs have been more trouble for them than anything, and it’s going to cost Mom & Pop. Why do you think they have a Web spam team in the first place?

Anyway, read my article about “Entity-Based Search,” which today is the way things are learning. If you understand it, you can do something about it.

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