build relationship: hand shake

Almost from the minute you get into business online, you hear the mantra, “Build Your List!” ¬†Sure. You’re just starting out. How can you do that, when nobody even knows your name? It’s hard.

Want a solution? Read my newest article at SEMRush:

Not only can you build¬†a big, honking list, but… You might make some friends over time, IF you treat them right.

Remember, people aren’t slot machines. Don’t get caught up in the idea that any list is a goodone, either. Building a co-reg list has drawbacks, just as building a list through CPA does. Unless you work with the people on that list, they won’t convert at all.

I once knew a guy that built a 70K list with CPA. Sure, having more than 10K helps you to joint venture with other people who have similar list sizes in your niche, but hey… A CPA list is worthless, no matter how big it is, unless you’re building that all-important relationship with the people on it.

Read my article above to find out how.

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